Laura and Brent set for MasterChef grand final showdown

MasterChef is a show that’s more famous for its feelgood moments and mouth-watering food, rather than gorgeous, drool-worthy stars, but that completely changed on Tuesday night. Things got a little bit hot and heavy on the wholesome cooking show, when hot young chef Max Sharrad made a guest appearance, joining contestants Derek and Tessa in a tense cooking challenge. The two budding chefs cooked off against Max, who works at Adelaide’s acclaimed Orana restaurant and was also named Young Chef of the Year in the Appetite for Excellence Awards. Max, who has worked overseas at some of the world’s top restaurants, including Noma in Copenhagen, faced off against Derek and Tessa in an immunity pin challenge, with all three cooks tasked with creating a dish that showcased orange as the hero ingredient. But food was the last thing on the minds of MasterChef’s thirsty viewers, who couldn’t help but comment on Max’s undeniable good looks, with the handsome year-old causing quite the stir on Twitter. Max was quickly dubbed “the most beautiful human I have ever seen”, with starry-eyes fans fangirling over the talented chef on social media. But sadly, Max is spoken for. He’s actually married to year-old Laura Cassai, who was crowned runner-up in the season of MasterChef. Laura, who comes from an Italian background, has written a cookbook called My Italian Kitchen and is an ambassador for San Remo pasta. The cute couple actually met working in the kitchen at Orana and quickly developed a budding romance, before tying the knot last year.

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The young guns are the final two amateur cooks standing in the six season of the reality cooking show and will face off in the two-hour grand final battle. Health science student Cassai is just 19, making her the youngest ever grand finalist, while Owens is The two finalists will don their white MasterChef aprons for the final time tonight as they compete across three rounds.

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Reality television star and chef, she gained prominence after starring on MasterChef Australia in She was the runner-up to the grand prize and used the.

As we reach the pointy end of the MasterChef competition every cook counts, particularly when an immunity pin is at stake. But, fans were not having it, claiming it was Poh Ling Yeow who should have won. The alphabetical immunity challenge saw Poh, Laura and Callum pick from mystery cloches labelled A to Z, under which was an ingredient starting with its corresponding letter. The contestants then had to taste the ingredient and guess what it was.

If they guessed correctly, they won the right to cook with that ingredient. The trio shared a snap together before the show. Fans were immediately unimpressed by the ruling claiming Laura had been favoured to win purely because she had never won an immunity pin. Laura shared a post-win photo to Instagram.


MasterChef Australia has seen new-found success and popularity, which is due in part from fan favourite judge Melissa Leong. A lot goes on behind the scenes on the popular reality TV show, MasterChef. Picture: Channel 10 Source:Channel The hit Channel 10 show has proved a ratings success, with more than a million Aussies tuning in three nights a week to watch the all-stars cast do what they do best.

From Reynold Poermono plating up astonishing dessert creations week by week, to Poh Ling Yeow routinely seen peering into the oven with two minutes on the clock, MasterChef is the wholesome reality TV offering Aussie viewers have been missing.

However Channel Ten will have put the outcome away quickly, with a viewer revealing that the up to date web page with Emilia and Laura.

Theres something Matt Preston said in season 6 of Masterchef. Personally, I dont think Brent deserved the top award. Yes, his D-day performance might have been impressive but that cannot be compared to Lauras. Were tackling dating in the digital era with professional Match Maker, Shannon Dav. Environmental Health Practitioner Brent Lawrence offers winter safety tips.

What i liked about masterchef Australia was that the contestants are not bitchy. Georgia, Brent until today old dude, Laura and even Byron in the last couple of. Brent Owens was the Winner of Masterchef Australia, he was at the. Miers, a former MasterChef winner who founded the Mexican restaurant chain. Miers teamed up with another local mother, Laura Harper-Hinton, the. They approached Brent council, but were unable to secure funding.

A family tragedy and a restaurant romance: Everything we know about MasterChef’s Laura Sharrad.

A statement read that despite months of negotiation, Network 10 has not been able to reach a commercial agreement that was satisfactory to the MasterChef judges. Network 10 confirmed about the withdrawal after the decision to upgrade changes in trio’s contractual agreement proved unsuccessful. After 11 sensational seasons, we bid a fond farewell to our judges – Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris. Thank you for being a part of this remarkable MasterChefAU legacy and helping make the culinary dreams of everyday home cooks come true!

Matt took to Twitter to post a lengthy expressing gratitude to the Network and confirmed that Season 11 was their last.

MasterChef’s hot guest chef Max Sharrad cooked off against at Orana and quickly developed a budding romance, before tying the knot last year. “Now, working back with Laura again, I can trust her to do everything,” Max.

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But things seemed to change during Sunday’s night’s episode of the cooking show. Jock, 43, turned on the chef, 24, when she decided to serve half the portion of fish she had been allotted in an elimination challenge. During the challenge, the celebrity chef walked over to Laura’s station and asked her: ‘Laura where is the other bit of that fish?

Why did you take it off?

Reynold joins Poh and Laura fighting it out for immunity and the first doesn’t love it, so decides to hedge his bets on a third choice – dates.

The season six favourite is married to fellow chef Max Sharrad – and the two may not have met if it wasn’t for judge Jock Zonfrillo! Laura and Max first crossed paths in when they worked alongside each other at Jock’s restaurant Orana. Max popped the question on a romantic trip to Tuscany, Italy at sunset – and there were plenty of happy tears. I cried the whole time. It was simply beautiful, just perfect,” Laura revealed, with Max adding that it “all worked out really well”.

The couple tied the knot at a picturesque wedding in the Barossa Valley in surrounded by loved ones.

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My love and passion for food was something I was born with. I live and breathe food, everywhere I go, no matter what time of the day, food is always the first thing that comes to mind. I was fortunate enough to be born into an Italian family, where food was a way of life.

MasterChef Australia star Laura Sharrad married fellow chef Max in a She found herself working in the kitchen with Max, and their romance.

Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. For the final All-In Elimination of the series, Callum, Reynold and Laura were shown two pantries: an “ordinary” pantry containing everyday ingredients and an “extraordinary” pantry containing luxurious, expensive ingredients. In the first round, they were given 75 minutes to cook a dish using ingredients from either pantry, with the catch being that the two contestants moving to the second round would then need to use the pantry that they hadn’t chosen for the first round.

All three chose to use to the extraordinary pantry for the first round, and went on to receive rave reviews for their dishes. However, it was Reynold’s barbequed bonito that won the challenge, sending him to join Emelia in the Semi-Final.

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